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MissWhitneyMorgan-ManyVids-Foot Tickling,Tickling Male,Bondage Male,Tickling,Female Domination,SFW

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The great foot tickle therapist Dr. Miss Whitney Morgan has found a sweet, young, male foot tickling model whom is in desperate need of a little therapy over how much his poor soft, sweaty, innocent feet are tickled from heels to the tips of his toes.. and in between. She starts by taking off his sneakers, tickling over his sweat soaked socks.. slowly slipping them off to get to his soft, pink, wrinkled soles. He thrashes, laughs, giggles with ticklish torment! She suggests a more dominating er medical procedure of securing him down.. but with ropes, not medical restraints?! He complies.. but shivers in ticklish fear. She has at his feet, AND ALL OVER HIS BODY while he's tightly hogtied before her. She shows no mercy, because after all.. Tickling isn't really torment.. it's PLEASURE! You laugh! You giggle! Your endorphins rush! After tickling him mercilessly she leaves to transport him.. hoping he's tightly tied to the point of no escape..... or will he? And will he signal a friend waiting for him.....? Part 2 going up! 

Includes: foot tickling, tickle fetish, male tickilng, male tickle fetish, femdom, male feet, tickling male, bondage male, bound male, tickled male, female tickling male, male foot tickling, female domination.

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