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MissWhitneyMorgan-ManyVids-Tickling,Tickle Instuction,Tickling Male,Femdom POV,Bondage,SFW

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Miss Whitney Morgan explains to you softly, seductively.. but ever so dominantly.. how much she enjoys tickling, and how she plans to tickle you - ALL OVER - from your head to in between your toes. She teases you with her long, sharp, purple nails.. telling you she’s going to have to explore your ENTIRE body to find all of your most ticklish areas.. but first, she needs to secure you down... should she use metal cuffs? Chains? Restraints? Soft rope for you to struggle? Maybe even get loose and seek a little revenge. She’ll tie your big toes with twine, dig her nails in deep.. maybe even blindfold you.. so you don’t see those long ticklish nails coming at you. Slowly she pulls out an array of tickle tools from feathers to toothbrushes to vibrators to lotion to slick up your soles to glide a hairbrush over. Your now in her clutches, and Miss Whitney Morgan is going to tickle you all over.

Includes: Femdom, tickling, tickle fetish, tickling pov, pov tickling, tickle tools, feather tickling, hand fetish, long nails, fingernails, finger tickling, ticklish, tickle slave, pov bondage, blonde, sensual.

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