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quot;This is so stupid," Fifi says watching her brother's favorite TV show. "You know what's on that I really want to watch? Cupcake Wars," she continues to say, then begs for him to change the channel.

"After this episode," Nicky tells her, but Fifi can't stand it another second. While her brother is watching his show, she attempts to snatch the control from him, but is unable to pull it away. Desperate to get it, she tickles Nicky's side, and he immediately bursts out into laughter and drops the remote control.

He tickles her back, and the two are suddenly in a tickle war over the TV. The siblings undress each other, tickling one another everywhere, but Fifi gets the upper-hand. She strips her brother down completely, locks him between her body, and goes to town on his sides, armpits, thighs, and feet.

Nicky can't help but laugh and laugh as his sister tickles him. Once he can't take anymore, he exhaustingly hands over the remote so his sister can watch her show

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