OnlyFans, SiteRip, Goddess Indie "@indiefoxx" 2.2 GB

OnlyFans, SiteRip, Goddess Indie "@indiefoxx" 2.2 GB

OnlyFans, SiteRip, Goddess Indie "indiefoxx" 2.2 GB

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Tags HD Video (720p / 1080p) • Photo Sets / Picture Pack • Sexy Dancing / Striptease • Softcore / Erotic / Tease

This complete siterip contains all the pictures and videos from former twitch slut IndieFoxx's official OnlyFans page. This thot was popular on twitch a few months ago competing head to head with Amouranth on who could be the biggest whore on twitch. In the end IndieFoxx ended up taking the big L as Amouranth has over a long amount of time accumulated more simps inside the twitch staff which means she can then get away with a lot more than just some regular thot that just showed up.

In the end we learn that twitch is a terrible platform, the rules over there are applied with a huge bias. Some people get banned for nothing, some get banned for showing their ass in a thong and others can show their ass in a thong close up for 10 hours a day, it all depends if you're liked by the simp/virgin school shooter types that moderates the twitch community and thinks these camwhores are their girlfriends because they give them attention in return for the power they hold on the twitch platform.

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