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Goddess Joules Opia-ManyVids-Chastity Devices, Executrix, Halloween, Key Holding & Chastity, Kink

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A beautiful woman picks you up at a bar and takes you back to her home, presumably to have sex with you, but the night quickly takes turn when she reveals she has a secret. She is a Vampire.

With a snap of her fingers, a chastity cage appears on your cock and she begins to tell you how much magical power there is in sexual frustration. She plans to keep you locked in chastity and coerce you to watch her vampiric ritual orgy, which will culminate in the drinking of your bl00.d, but leaving you alive so that her and her coven can feast on you again and again until eventually giving you to her succubus friend who will finally release you from your chastity and fuck the life out of you.

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Vampire / Halloween / Chastity / Tease & Denial / Costume / Cosplay / Executrixx / Femdom POV

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